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Child Care

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A. For infants and young children who are not using childcare centers,  child home-care allowances can be provided in consideration of the age of the relevant infants and young children.



Easy to Find Practical Law logo, Part-time childcare service can be provided to infants and young children older than six months who are not going to childcare centers or kindergartens, if necessary.



A. A worker can use a childcare leave system whereby he/she shall maintain a status of employee and take a leave of absence to rear a child for a certain period of time.



A. A worker can apply for reduced working hours during pregnancy and for a period of childcare

■ Reduction of working hours during pregnancy : working hours to be reduced by two hours a day for a female worker who has been pregnant for not more than 12 weeks or for not less than 36 weeks

■ Reduction of working hours for a period of childcare: working hours to be reduced for a worker parenting his/her children aged eight years or younger or in the second grade or lower of elementary school



A worker is eligible for child tax credit and education credit



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